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No Condemnation

His name was Hiroo Onoda. In 1944, at the age of 23, this young Japanese soldier began one of the strangest odysseys in all of history. For twenty-nine years he lived, dreamed, planned, and struggled under the illusion that he was at war – a war that had long ago ended. Living deep in the recesses […]

Who Is the Man of Romans 7?

Escorted to the scene of his worldly demise, the prisoner’s approach is announced with the dreadful term of “Dead Man Walking!” The freedom that was once his, has been replaced with the ultimate physical bondage. Sentenced to death for the crimes of his past, the prisoner is incapable of changing his plight. His power over […]

Overcoming Sin

What a timely lesson this week. Each day the headlines report the despicable news of another person of influence or power indulging in deviant behavior. We read stories of men who risk everything to satisfy their lusts and passions. We wonder how such things can be. The answer is really quite simple – they are […]

Justification by Faith

WHERE’S THE BEEF?!  I remember the popular fast food restaurant commercial where three senior ladies were staring at a less-than-adequate hamburger. As one lady peered at the sandwich she asked: “Where’s the beef?” Her question was a statement that, regardless of all of the trappings and accompaniments, the bottom line was that a hamburger should […]

The Human Condition

This was false advertisement. They were presenting a lie that had to be exposed for the good of the church. The lie? That as circumcised and keepers of the ceremonial laws, they were righteous. Their point? In order to be righteous like them, they, the Gentile converts, must be circumcised and keep the laws of […]

The Controversy

Who controls the church? That is a question that is as relevant today as it was during the time of the early church. This week as we discuss The Controversy, in addition to examining what, we will also look at why. Why was there a controversy that was threatening to split the early church? In Acts 15 we get a […]

The Gospel and the Church

I’m writing this week’s post from Rome, the ancient city whose past intersects with the life of Paul. It was from Rome that Paul penned the letter to the church in Galatia. Unlike myself and my wife, Paul was not in Rome by his own choice. His presence there was due to the conflicts he […]