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Living By The Spirit

He was an innocent man condemned to die. To ensure his execution, on his last night of life he was locked deep within prison walls, chained between two guards. His crime? He was an ardent disciple of Christ. His name? Peter. His reaction to his impending death the next morning? He was sleeping like a […]

Reaching Through the Crowds

I’m stretching my hands through the crowd, just trying to get a touch. My need is great. No other options are available. My only hope is to make the connection. The crowds are an obstacle. Noise and confusion form a barrier to my goal. But I must reach Him at all costs. To be who […]


I had an interesting talk about church services with a pastor friend of mine. Here are some of my thoughts on the topic of worship. The current buzzword in popular Christianity is worshipper. It’s the thrust of many a sermon and even some songs – being a true worshipper. In many applications, the premise of […]