Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

Every week, in Sabbath school classes across the world, someone will be talking. It’s estimated that the normal pace for English speaking averages between 120 to 160 words per minute. That translates to 5400 – 7200 words for the typical 45 minute Sabbath school class. How many of those words are being spoken by you […]

An Enemy Called Boring

Sometimes it makes you want to scream!  I know you’ve been there.  You’re in a meeting or presentation and it seems like time has decided to stand still.  Your personal mental challenge is to be creative in staying alert and giving the impression of interest in the uninteresting.(I’ve tried pinching myself) The enemy called boredom […]

It’s Showtime!

Ok, it’s time. You have adequately prepared and done your homework. You have imagined this moment with a measure of anxiety and it’s finally arrived. It’s now or never. It’s time to swing for the fences. It’s Showtime! What is Showtime? It’s the moment you leave any reservations about your abilities behind and you step out […]

Get Ready, They’re Coming

At this time of the year we find most people in a reflective mood. There’s something about the realization of another year passing that makes all of us take a closer look at our lives. Many of those that go through this annual ritual will feel the need to grow spiritually in the coming year. […]

And the Question is…

If there is one skill an effective Sabbath school teacher must have, it is the ability to ask great questions. Nothing can make or break a lesson study more than the quality of the questions being asked by the leader. Questions can be placed into 3 categories: Great questions are usually inidicated by the amount […]

Make your sessions come alive with stories

There’s something about a good story that can make all the difference in a Sabbath school discussion. A good story can transport it’s hearers to another time and place and make the lessons come alive with relevance and freshness. Do you use stories in your sessions? While the variety of stories is limitless, I have […]


Sabbath Morning 9:30 Flight plan…check. Instruments working…check. Fuel…check. Passengers seated…check. Ready for takeoff…check. And you’re off and on your way to another exciting Sabbath school discussion! Everything is moving along fine and in the middle of your session someone who has a pet issue or grievance attempts to hijack the class and take over the […]

How do you spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S?

Everyone wants to succeed. Some do…some don’t. Teachers may define success by the numbers of attendees, or by getting through the entire lesson, or by avoiding any glaring blunders. The definitions of success vary from teacher to teacher. All of us spend some time in reflecting on how well we did or didn’t do. The […]

When Simplicity is Eloquence

“Never man spake like this Man” John 7:46 The greatest Teacher the world has ever known, was the most definite, simple, and practical in His instruction. GW 50 There is no higher example for a teacher to follow than the example given by the greatest teacher of all time, Jesus Christ. His method of communication […]