An Open Love Letter…to you

Dear xxxxxx, On this symbolic day of love I am writing this letter to say thank you for all that you do. I know that many times your efforts seem to go unnoticed but I want to assure you that they are not. Many of us notice and highly value what you do on a […]

I Go a Fishing

Sitting in a swaying boat on a moonlit night, seven men of destiny talked the hours away. The events of the last few years had been nothing less than stupendous. They were first-hand witnesses to the most incredible events in the history of man. They had experienced the highest of highs as every day was […]

What do you do?

It must have been bitterly disappointing for these two men. To have actually experienced firsthand the incredible fortunes that lay just before them. The possibilities of success were never greater. The rewards of advancement were never clearer. The timing was right to move ahead in boldness and confidence. This was their moment of opportunity. Joshua […]

You Must Be Crazy!

  Yes, I said it. You must absolutely be out of your mind. Someone needed to say it and I guess today that someone is me. I know I run the risk of damaging our relationship but honesty really is the best policy. And honestly, you must be crazy!

Waiting on the Butler

Joseph, one of my favorite Bible characters, was in a dilemma. He had been unjustly imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. To add insult to injury, Joseph’s imprisonment was not the result of a mistaken identity, which in itself is tragic. No racial profiling. No being in the wrong place at the wrong time. […]

I Can’t

It’s true.  I have to be honest with myself and admit that “I can’t”.  I know you must be thinking that one of the rules for advancement in life is to remove the mental barriers to progress summed up in the words “I can’t”.  Whenever we utter these words and more importantly believe these words […]

Restraining Order Issued

I am swearing out a restraining order today. I put this off long enough but a person can only take so much abuse. You can try to be understanding and tolerant to a certain point. But after awhile, it’s time to act to protect yourself. I don’t make this decision lightly but it’s a decision […]