Reaching Through the Crowds

I’m stretching my hands through the crowd, just trying to get a touch. My need is great. No other options are available. My only hope is to make the connection. The crowds are an obstacle. Noise and confusion form a barrier to my goal. But I must reach Him at all costs. To be who […]

I Don’t Know

When He walked this earth as a man I don’t know what color His eyes were but I know they were filled with compassion. I don’t know what color His hands were but I know they were filled with healing. I don’t know how His voice sounded but I know it was filled with love. […]

My God has some big hands

Two friends were sitting and talking the other day As I stood nearby I heard one of them say My God has some big hands, everything will be ok For He has promised to wipe all tears away


When you attempt to live right Things may go wrong When you want to bring sunlight You may encounter a storm When you are braced to fight You may be left all alone When you strain to hold tight Your strength may be gone When you aim for new heights You may find broken rungs […]

Lord Help Me Today

  Lord Help Me Today With: My job – help me to do it My health – help me to improve it My obligation – help me to meet it My faith – help me to live it My reputation – help me to be it My weakness – help me to defeat it My […]

My Simple Prayer

Thank you Lord for Accepting me today, Inspiring me today, Providing for me today, Guiding me today, Protecting me today, Delivering me today, Keeping me today, Forgiving me today, Loving me today.