The Ministry Begins

If one didn’t know better they might think that Jesus could have benefited from a savvy P.R. marketing manager. We know that first impressions are lasting, and it is imperative for any public figure to get their debut right. To common logic it would seem Jesus would make a grand announcement that He had arrived. […]

Son of David

In this week’s lesson on the Son of David I originally planned to focus on the character of Joseph, since he is often marginalized in our discussions of the incarnation of Christ. Mary rightly draws our attention, as it was she who actually carried to birth the long-awaited Messiah. But it was the lineage of Joseph that the […]

Peter on the Great Controversy – Lesson 11

They were astonished at His words. With an authority that could not be denied, they heard words of affirmation that were inconceivable just a short while ago. His words pierced through the darkness of their minds and illuminated the reality of heaven – that they were valuable. The meek, those who had nothing of worldly […]

Paul and the Rebellion

The church was organized for service. The church is not a hospital for sinners (I know that goes against tradition). “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you.” Matthew […]

The Great Controversy and the Early Church – Lesson 9

It’s called a do-over — a second chance to redeem a failure. The greater the failure, the greater the significance of achievement the second time around. We celebrate those who make the most of their do-overs. To see someone who has failed miserably yet, when again faced with that same situation, triumph, gives us much […]

Comrades in Arms – Lesson 8

We need what Peter had – individually and collectively. And we need it desperately. We readily recall Peter’s boldness in asking his Lord for permission to walk on water. That story is full of encouragement as we face the impossible in our lives. If ever there was a story in the bible that illustrates the success […]

Victory in the Wilderness – Lesson 6

“I’m so happy that I didn’t sneeze.” Martin Luther King, Jr. In his famous Mountain Top speech, Dr. King recounts the impact of that moment.On September 20, 1958, as he sat signing autographs for his book, Martin Luther King Jr was stabbed and nearly killed. He was whisked to the hospital with the blade of […]

The Controversy Continues – Lesson 5

This week we look at how some monumental Bible characters played important roles during times of crisis. The author of this lesson week’s lesson pointed out how each of the persons in the lesson was instrumental in a period of deliverance needed for God’s people.  But what was it about these characters that led to their […]

Conflict and Crisis: The Judges – Lesson 4

We have a full cast of characters to study this week. Deborah, Gideon, Sampson, Ruth and Samuel. Each found themselves in pivotal positions at times of conflict and crisis. God used them to do extraordinary things. These are heroes of the Bible, but all heroes are first ordinary people just like you and I. We begin […]

Crisis in Eden – Lesson 2

They had it made; a perfect world, a perfect marriage, a perfect home and a perfect future. They had everything that we long for today. No cares or worries. No concern for what tomorrow would bring them. Strife, stress, tension were unknown to them. It’s hard to fathom how they could be led to risk […]