Don’t let “campaign fever” kill your class

For the most part, it’s unavoidable. It’s topic A at the water cooler and the subject of endless emails. Pundits debate with passion the merits of their fancy and around the dinner table we hear the spirited defense of one’s political choice over another’s.

This has been labeled as one of the most interesting political seasons leading up to a presidential election that our country has ever had. It cannot be denied that history has been and will be made throughout the course of this election.

There is at least one place however where one’s passion for or against a political candidate should not appear;¬†that place is Sabbath School. As teachers, with a captive audience, it might appear very tempting to plug one’s political choice (or denigrate another’s).

To speak a word in favor of a candidate that you feel passionately about may seem to be a natural fit for a Sabbath School discussion. The storylines may seem to be fruitful areas of a good discussion but, as members of the disciple making body of Christ we have to aim our hearers higher than mortal men. Our mission is to preach Christ. Our goal is unity, not division.

Those who have charge of our institutions and our schools should guard themselves diligently, lest by their words and sentiments they lead the students into false paths. Those who teach the Bible in our churches and in our schools are not at liberty to unite in making apparent their prejudices for or against political men or measures, because by so doing they stir up the minds of others, leading each to advocate his favorite theory. There are among those professing to believe present truth some who will thus be stirred up to express their sentiments and political preferences, so that division will be brought into the church.
The Lord would have His people bury political questions. On these themes silence is eloquence. Christ calls upon His followers to come into unity on the pure gospel principles which are plainly revealed in the word of God.
Fundamentals of Christian Education 475

We can be grateful as teachers that we have such clear guidance to help us navigate the many pitfalls that would sabotage the quality of our classes. Let’s make sure that the guidance we give on a weekly basis is in harmony with our calling as disciple makers for Christ.