Is your Sabbath School Alive or D.O.A.

It seems today that Sabbath schools are falling into 2 categories; either vibrantly alive or dry and dead. Some Sabbath school classes are eagerly looked forward to and some are simply tolerated as something we do but not necessarily enjoy. The people who fall into the latter group have increased over the years. Far too many regular church members (especially without very young children) are skipping this portion of our services.

To reverse this trend is an undertaking that many churches are tackling. The difference between the two extremes of the Sabbath School experience is determined by the leadership of the individual church and most importantly the leadership of the Sabbath School department.

The role and service of Sabbath School is still relevant and needed. The opportunity that Sabbath School department leaders have in assisting the church in the building up of disciples is enormous. We must recommit ourselves to doing whatever it takes to become effective to the audience we serve.

What are you observing at your church? Do you know of a church’s Sabbath School department that has found ways to keep the weekly program fresh and relevant?