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Lord Help Me Today


Lord Help Me Today With:

My job – help me to do it

My health – help me to improve it

My obligation – help me to meet it

My faith – help me to live it

My reputation – help me to be it

My weakness – help me to defeat it

My past – help me to leave it

My goal – help me to achieve it

My purpose – help me to do it

My future – help me to reach it

My love – help me to share it

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  1. Jermaine says:

    Yes! Remembering “The Source” of all we are–who empowers us to live the abundant life He has lovingly given us. Great devotional!

  2. Maxine says:

    The sentiments of my heart! Thanks Curtis, you expressed it on my behalf so eloquently and so well!

  3. gert says:

    Some of us have reputations we need to live down (not intended to be critical).

    Thank you so much Mr. Hall for taking the initiative to correct the Sabbath school crisis.

    This part of the service allows us to ask questions so misconceptions are eliminated, and we also learn from each other. Isn’t study of the word our sword to fight evil? (rhetorical question)

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