Help Wanted

Help WantedImmediate Openings Available

No previous experience needed.

Job description: Service to others

Job start date: Yesterday

Applicant requirements:

Must be able to dream big.

Must have high expectations. Continue reading

An Enemy Called Boring

ScreamSometimes it makes you want to scream!  I know you’ve been there.  You’re in a meeting or presentation and it seems like time has decided to stand still.  Your personal mental challenge is to be creative in staying alert and giving the impression of interest in the uninteresting.(I’ve tried pinching myself)

The enemy called boredom does not discriminate.  It attacks men and women.  It attacks worthy causes and noble goals.  It attacks sincere plans and well minded intentions.  It attacks the novice as well as the veteran.  It’s most valued trusty is complacency and mental laziness.  It thrives on low expectations.

Does it have to be this way?  Continue reading

Always Makes Things Better

Better“She always makes things better. You know, just like your mom would.”  My friend and I were speaking about an awkward situation a group of us had recently experienced.  As we rehearsed the events and talked about how we wished things had unfolded in a different way, my friend remarked about her original plans to help improve an inevitably uncomfortable moment.

As she filled me in on her ideas she said “I wanted to ask her to say a few words. She always makes things better.”  My friend didn’t know what this person she was referring to would say to help assuage the situation but she knew that whatever she would say and the manner she would say it in, would make things better.

Wow, what a testimony — to be known as a person who always makes things better.  In that instant she had just summarized our entire purpose of ministry — to make things better.  Nothing could be simpler and yet nothing could be more profound.  Her remark was so telling on one hand and so piercing on the other. Continue reading

They’re Rooting for You!

RootingOh boy.  This had all the makings of a real disaster.  These were not professionals but ordinary people who had volunteered to perform for a company sponsored talent show to raise money for a charitable cause.  One by one these volunteers were called up to perform their acts before the audience.

One of the participants stood before the crowd to sing a selection.  The song started shaky at best and as it progressed it was really clear that the singer was struggling to find the right notes.  This was headed for a painful ending. Continue reading

How Many Degrees Does It Take?

GraduationThis number might surprise you.  We all intend to do a great job in our chosen areas of ministry, but for some of us, we are keenly aware of our lack of advanced education.  This sometimes causes us to have diminished confidence in our abilities.  We feel that with just a little more education we can then be all that we were meant to be.

It’s not that we are not willing; it’s just that we feel we are not ready.

So, how many degrees does it take before we feel secure in doing those great things God has placed in our hearts?  Is the answer at least one; an Associates degree?  Or is it more than one including a Bachelors degree or a Masters degree, or a Doctorates degree?  Is the answer one, two or more? Continue reading

Get In…Or Get Out Of The Way!

slowI know this sounds harsh but bear with me. Let me explain. I recently saw a documentary about a particular ethnic group and the struggles and triumphs they uniquely faced. A memorable part of this presentation was the highlights made of successful individuals who are doing phenomenal, unusual, impactful, insightful, undeniable, incredible work in their particular areas of passion.

What makes these individuals so impressive is that they are operating in fields that are common place but doing their work in an uncommon manner. The contrast between the norm and what they are doing is so stark, it almost seems implausible.

What each one of these successful people have in common is Continue reading

It’s Enough To Make You Cry

LoveYes, I admit it. I actually teared up (don’t tell anybody!). I bet you did too though. Remember one of those stories the news ran about that famous individual with phenomenal success going back to their hometown to thank that special person who invested in them and sent their life on a trajectory to excellence? Do you remember how you were moved when you heard the tear-felt words of appreciation spoken about someone who never suspected the results of their actions? Pass me a hankie. 🙂

Wow, what a difference a life can make…when that life is committed to investing in others with no dreams of reward. The selfless act of valuing not only the brightest people in our spheres but the seemingly unpromising as well is powerful beyond words. There is nothing like this and it crosses all genders and ages and races.

I have personally had that same experience in my life. I can think back to that one particular teacher Continue reading

It’s Showtime!

ShowtimeOk, it’s time. You have adequately prepared and done your homework. You have imagined this moment with a measure of anxiety and it’s finally arrived. It’s now or never. It’s time to swing for the fences. It’s Showtime!

What is Showtime? It’s the moment you leave any reservations about your abilities behind and you step out and perform in an extraordinary way. Your mindset is “I can do this!” and your attitude is one of success, not failure.

What is Showtime? It’s the moment that you embrace the truth that you must be, want to be, can be and will be extraordinary. You are committed to do what it takes to make the impact the opportunity deserves. That’s Showtime!

Showtime is not limited to when you are making public presentations. It applies to any area of life that can be enhanced with doing more than the average. It’s the time when you step out in faith expecting success in spite of fears that you are inadequate. You’re swinging for the fences expecting to hit a home run and a home run you shall hit. Continue reading

C’mon, you can do better than that

ExcellentYou really can.

Regardless of your level of expertise, there are higher levels to be reached.

When we look at the habits of high-achievers we find that, without exception, they continue to work on improving the things they already do so well. Being exceptional should never be taken for granted.

These high-achieving individuals all have several traits in common that supersede the question of natural gifts and talents. I’m convinced that doing only what comes easily or naturally is not the answer to being a high-achiever.

Some of the traits of high-achievers are: Continue reading

Tone Deaf

Did you hear that? tone2

There is so much chatter going around today. There is chatter about world events and the tangled webs of economic and social crisis. There is chatter about celebrities with the constant focus on what they gained or lost (as if it affects our gains or losses 🙂 ). There is chatter about the local crime and the collapse of our moral fiber on all sides. We are inundated with chatter from all sides with each making their case that the information is vital to our well being.

The experts say that the effect of all of this information is to make us desensitized and numb to things that ordinarily should give us a sense of shock and concern. It now takes more and more shocking information to hold our attention. This can’t be healthy, can it? Continue reading