Dreaming or Sleep Walking?

dreaming1We hear a lot about dreams these days. Many of us have envisioned ourselves in a future time and place doing something that feels organic to who we really are. Some of our dreams are entrepreneurial. Some of our dreams are vocational. Some of our dreams are locational. Whatever category we may classify our dreams in; they all find their common denominator in the future.

Sleep walking, on the other hand, is going through the motions of counsciousness while in an uncounscious state. A sleep walker is unaware of their actions because they are asleep while walking. They might appear to be awake, but they are oblivious to their actions or surroundings. Continue reading

Time to Reboot?

 reboot1Just turn it off, and then back on. How many times have you heard this advice? If you’ve ever worked with computers or other complicated electronic gadgets, there comes a time when the only suggestion to correct a problem is to reboot. Just turn it off, and then back on.

Rebooting gives equipment the opportunity to reset itself to the ideal settings to carry out the ideal functions it was designed for. What happens internally is a mystery to me…but I know it works. 🙂

It seems to correspond with us in our carrying out the ideal functions we were designed for. Sometimes to move forward in our purpose we have to reboot; turn everything off and then back on. Sometimes when it’s obvious that we are not functioning at the highest level, we may need to reboot. Continue reading

Sharp Shooters

sharp-shootersBy now we have all heard the details of the fascinating rescue of the captain kidnapped from his ship off the coast of Somalia. We heard about his self-less act in going along with the pirates. We heard about his resilience and the courage of the entire crew in resisting the pirated attempt. 

Also widely discussed was the amazing ability of the Navy Seals who brought about his freedom. Without glorifying the details of this rescue, it demonstrates a principle that would serve us all well; preparation. Continue reading

Happy Anniversary!

gift3Congratulations on reaching another milestone! Your anniversary is a special day to stop and reflect on the starting point of a significant event in your life. What sets anniversary days apart from others is that they remind you of major life-changing events that set a new course for your future.

Some anniversaries are easier to remember than others; such as, the beginning of your employment anniversaries, the launching of a new endeavor, relocation dates, a wedding anniversary (don’t ever forget this one! ), and even the one year anniversary of this blog. 🙂

Some anniversary start dates are hard to pinpoint. That does not make them less significant. It just might mean that the starting point had its origin in what might have appeared to be an insignificant moment in time. Continue reading

You Can Do This!

raceSelf-limitations are just that; limitations we place on ourselves. The idea of being excellent in our service, revolutionary in our approach and far-reaching in our aims, can sometimes seem unattainable. Many times we relegate ourselves to staying within our zones of comfort because of quiet fears that we do not have what it takes to do more.

As teachers and leaders, the evidence is conclusive that to be most effective we must be able to grab and hold the attention of others and have a vision of taking them to places they have never been before. Continue reading

Memories and Regrets

memoriesThere are 2 things pretty certain in this life:
1) You’re going to be remembered for something
2) You’ll probably have some regrets

All of us are making silent, lasting impressions upon the many people we interact with from day to day. When people reflect back upon us will they do it with a sense of gratitude for knowing us or a sense of relief that we are not in their lives?

If the members in our classes had a discussion about us 5 or 10 years from now, what would they say? Would they have fond memories from being in our class? Will they rehearse positive, helpful lessons they heard from us. Will they recall a godly example and a character worth emulating? Only we can determine that. Continue reading

Time for Heavy Lifting

heavy-liftingAs I stood in that massive throng of people I couldn’t help but sense the feeling of hope pervading the atmosphere. People from all walks of life and from all over the world had come to share in this unique experience of being eyewitnesses to the swearing in of our nation’s 44th president.

Displaying confidence and thoughtfulness, our newly elected President stated his case for our country’s future and why change was needed. Tempering optimism with realism we heard that the road ahead would be difficult but doable. Our problems are humongous but fixable. Our status in the world is tarnished but repairable. It’s time for heavy lifting.

This frank assessment of the status of our country was refreshing in its honesty and surely a catalyst to engage bright minds in finding solutions to perplexing issues. There’s a relevant, spiritual lesson in that for us. Continue reading

Contact Is Not Enough

contactHow are we going to do it? Will it be by the smoothness of our words or the preciseness of our grammar? Will it by the strength of our intellectual powers or the weight of our empirical evidence? Perhaps the visual image of our spiritual maturity and the distinctness of our apparel? How will we reach the people that we minister to from week to week? Contact is not enough.

To truly reach the hearts of those we minister to with life changing truths will demand a life changing experience for each one of us. We need to start with a new touch of faith.

We’re all familiar with the bible story of the woman with the serious illness that had plagued her for many years. Though she had consulted the best help of her day, her case was still hopeless; until she came into contact with Jesus.
Luke 8: 43-48 Continue reading

Get Ready, They’re Coming

20091At this time of the year we find most people in a reflective mood. There’s something about the realization of another year passing that makes all of us take a closer look at our lives.

Many of those that go through this annual ritual will feel the need to grow spiritually in the coming year. Attending Sabbath School is a common resolution made this time of year. Some of the reasons for this resolution are:

1) To satisfy the need for spiritual growth through group bible study
2) To start or revive a positive family tradition
3) To connect more with the local church and its sense of family
4) To turn the page on a difficult year with the hope of personal revival Continue reading

6 Reasons you should NOT be a Sabbath school teacher

stop1) You’re a natural talker and you just love to talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Effective teachers tend to be great listeners. Devising talking points and questions to allow your class members the opportunity to share in meaningful dialogue is critical. Reading facial expressions and listening carefully to what is not being said will help you target areas of discussion that are relevant and timely to your members needs and interests.

2) Your own life experiences always seem like ideal examples regardless of the topic of discussion.
Effective teachers have the ability to direct the focus away from themselves and onto whom it really belongs…Jesus Christ. The weekly lesson period should not be a platform for sharing the triumphs (or defeats) of the teacher. Remember, it’s not about you! Being able to craft a discussion that encourages members in this Christian race and uplifts Jesus Christ are the ultimate accomplishments of a great Sabbath school class.

3) You’re not really a stickler for time. A few minutes late is no big deal.
Effective teachers set a good example for promptness and consideration of the time of the class members. Teachers should arrive early for Sabbath school and greet as many class members before class as possible. Set a pattern and reputation for starting and ending on time. Teachers should be models of consistency.

4) You know weekly topics so well you don’t even need to study.
Effective teachers share fresh, divine insight that they receive from constant study, meditation and prayer. The bible is a living word and as such it contains new revelations and relevant inspiration to meet the needs of each member who attends. A helpful target for preparation time is one hour for each 10 minutes of class time. A 45 minute class should be prepared for by at least 4 1/2 hours of study.

5) You’re not really a people person, just a good teacher.
Effective teachers are people persons, even if it does not come naturally. There is a need in every class for the teacher to extend themselves by showing genuine interest in the lives of all class members. Sabbath school involvement should extend beyond the weekly Sabbath morning class period. Calling missing members and engaging new and visiting members should be a regular part of your Sabbath school class. You can and should be an ambassador-of-one sharing the love of Christ with all whom you interact with.

6) You’re only teaching because no one else wants to.
Effective teachers realize the calling on their lives and have a real desire to improve their abilities to their maximum potential. When teachers have the proper mindset, they approach this responsibility with the seriousness it deserves. Even if you’re not sure if this is your calling, the bible plainly says “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might.” Ecclesiastes 9:10

Being an effective teacher might demand being a “new you”. This is an age of change and some changes must be radical and complete. “And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the new wine will burst the skins, the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, new wine must be poured into new wineskins”. Luke 5.37, 38 NIV

There is a higher level for us all to reach and God has promised that “He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us”. Ephesians 3.20. Today I’m asking for you to be your best!