The Season for Change is Here

I am often asked by different leaders what they need to do to improve their departments. Improvement can sometimes just involve enhancements while other times in means a radical change. Making changes just for the sake of change causes more harm than good. Change is most challenging to manage and to participate in when we are unclear or uncertain on what the final result should be.
As you plan with your departments you must have a realistic, achievable goal in mind. Due to the discoveries along the way brought about by implementing the plan, the final results will likely differ from what you first designed. That’s OK.  Adaptation has always been a part of the quest for excellence.
For department leaders ask yourself this question: What do I want my department to look/function like if there were no obstacles in the way?
Your answer should include specifics such as “We will present/ have/ do/ undertake/ accomplish/ complete/ reverse/ engage, etc”. Move past saying we want to be good, better or excellent. Be clear in your mind on what you would like the final result to be so that you can paint a clear picture for your team members who must each play a part in accomplishing this goal. Value the input from each team member and anticipate (not just be open to) that others will help shape the final goal with their own perspectives.
I’ll use 1 Corinthians 14:8 as our first principle text for moving forward: “For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?” Be clear, be clear, be clear.
In another posting I’ll talk more about the process for change and some pitfalls we all face in our endeavors to move forward.
Always Aim High,